Lower Cost Home Solar Power System Configuration Matrix

In order to maximize the home solar power systems, wind power generation, photovoltaic power array should match the charge controller and inverter are correct. This means that the need to consider the relationship between voltage and current.

All components connected to the photovoltaic array, there is a voltage window in which they must be run, must take into account the voltage change based on temperature, otherwise the charge controller and inverter shutdown.

In addition, photovoltaic power generation components also over time and aging, due account needs due to aging, eventually lead to the loss of power. If we do not consider this, would risk photovoltaic arrays due to natural aging and fell to voltage outside the window of risk.

Another important comparison is that PV array can produce electricity and electronic devices can be connected to the it relationship with power. Manufacturers each charge controller and inverter manufacturers, should be the one to make his device through the power of suggestion. Above the recommended values will lead to overheating and shorten component life.