Real Estate, Industrial Zone, Plant Photovoltaic Power Generation System

In accordance with national policies and local subsidies, 0.42 and spontaneous use plus countries local subsidies, is expected to be about 6 years to recover the cost, photovoltaic power generation plus for acceptance of the building, while also addressing the electrical power for lighting lighting in public areas. We signed with the Huizhou building photovoltaic solar street lights, solar power, solar hot water three photovoltaic projects, creating buildings for green building in Huizhou. By the construction of the Guangzhou provincial government funding, for example of green environmental protection of the city. Solar power it is using semiconductor material of photoelectric effect-will Sun radiant energy directly conversion for power of a new power technology, it of benefits is, no noise, no pollution, not by geographical limit, without consumption fuel, no mechanical turned parts, features. and fault rate low. maintenance convenient. can no unattended. scale size free. can convenient to and buildings phase combined, improve living. According to national planning, photoelectric and wind electric installed future ten years are will has mass of growth, to 2015, cumulative installed will respectively reached 21000 MW, and 100000 MW, to 2020, can renewable energy in all energy consumption in the will accounted for to 15%, development space huge; China intelligent grid future ten years added investment in 1 trillion yuan around, these are will for storage can battery brings huge of market space.