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Virgin Polysilicon Buyer
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Cheap in Stock monocrystalline Bulk Virgin wacker Polysilicon

1.Product Introduction

Silicon ingots and cones, Silicon scrap, Skeletons, Pieces, Silicon rods, Silicon tops and tail.

Remark: chemical composition and size can be optimized by the customers' requirements.
2.Product Specification

5N Polysilicon (Hi Resistance)

Appearance: Grey metal with metallic luster.

Purity: 5N

Type: P ( 1.0 -- 3.0 ohm, SI≮99.999%, all the resistances are over 0.5 ohm )

Application: Polycrystalline silicon is the direct material to produce crystalline silicon, and it is the basic material of photovoltaic products and other semiconductor parts. Polycrystalline silicon of high pure dense and high quality is an important material of the production of silicon ductor parts and IC.

3.Product Application

1. Used in aluminum: an additive to aluminum alloys, silicon is used to increase the fluidity and tenacity of

Aluminum and its alloys, which enjoy good castability and wewldability accordingly.

2. Used in the sun's energy to produce domestic and industrial electricity. Used in electronic parts.

3. Used in producing monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon of high purity for electronic parts. such as

semi conductors, etc.

4. Used in Automobbile wheel alloy.

4.Packing & Shipping

1.In 1MT big bag or Customized

2.7-10days when order confirmed


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