High Efficiency Monocrystalline Solar Cells

High Efficiency Monocrystalline Solar Cells
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Product Details


A High Efficiency Monocrystalline Solar Cell is an assembly in which a plurality of monocrystalline silicon solar cells are assembled on a board in a certain manner. The photoelectric conversion efficiency of single crystal silicon solar cells is about 15%, and the highest is 24%. High Efficiency Monocrystalline Solar Cell is the highest photoelectric conversion efficiency among all kinds of solar cells, but the production cost is so large that it cannot be widely used. Commonly used. Since High Efficiency Monocrystalline Solar Cell is generally packaged with tempered glass and waterproof resin, it is durable and has a long service life.


1.100% brand new high quality products.

2. High-efficiency monocrystalline solar panels.

3. The performance is stable and reliable, and the conversion efficiency is high.

4. Waterproof, compressive strength, corrosion resistance and long life.

5. Anti-oxidation, rapid heating, light weight and easy to carry.

Production Details


Anti-reflective coating to increase the module efficiency up to 2%

Light transmittance improvement above 3%

Self-cleaning function


High power efficiency

Stable performance under weak light conditions

PID free treatment upon request


Light transmittance more than 92%

Snail trail prevention treatment

UV resistance against ageing


Low moisture permeability against snail trail defect

Excellent electric insulation for high system voltage up to 1500V

Outstanding weatherproof performance


Strong mechanical load resistance up to 5400 Pa

Anodic oxidation layer resistant to chemical corrosion

Silver and black color optional


IP 67 protection grade

High quality diodes for electric safety

1500V system voltage available