Most Efficient Solar Panels For Residential Use

Most Efficient Solar Panels For Residential Use
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Product Details

Product Description:

Most Efficient Solar Panels For Residential Use is the core part of the solar power system. The function of the solar panel is to convert the solar light energy into electrical energy, and the output DC power is stored in the battery. Solar panels are one of the most important components in home solar power generation. Its high conversion rate and long service life determine that this most efficient solar panels for residential use has good use value. There are stock for solar panels of Class A, Class B and Class C in Changtian , so we can deliver the goods according to your time and quality request .


1.High-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar chip package of Most Efficient Solar Panels For Residential Use ensures that the solar panel generates sufficient power.

2.Low-iron tempered glass with high light transmittance and high reflectivity.

3.High-quality EVA film layer with high anti-aging ability.

4.Backplane has a high infrared emissivity, which reduces the operating temperature of the components and also helps to improve the efficiency of the components.

5.Aluminum alloy frame has high strength and strong mechanical shock resistance.

Product Details:

1.Electrical Data

Rated Max. Power(Pmax)260W
Optimum Power Voltage(Vmp)31V
Optimum Operating Current(Imp)8.33A
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc)37.2V
Short Circuit Current(Isc)8.77A
Cell Efficiency (%)17.8%
Module Efficiency (%)16.5%
Tolerance Wattage0-5%
Max. System Voltage1000V
Temperature Coefficients
  • Voc(%)℃: -0.36

  • Isc(%)℃: +0.05

  • Pm(%)℃: -0.45

  • Vmp(%)℃: -0.36

  • Imp(%)℃: +0.05

2.Components & Mechanical Data

Solar Cell

Number of Cell60PCS
Size of Module


Front glass thickness3.2mm
Surface Maximum Load Capacity2400-5400Pa
Allowable Hail Load23m/s,7.53g
Weight Per Piece(KG)18.5kg
Junction BoxIp65 Rated/ Pass the TUV certificate
Bypass Diode Rating(A)15
Cable & ConnectorTUV
FrameAnodized aluminium alloy ,45 angle
Working Temperature-40℃~90℃
FF (%)70%-76%
Standard Test ConditionsAM1.5E=1000W/m2 Tc=25 ℃
Module TypeClass A
Safety testedIEC61730/IEC61215