Residential Silicon Mono Solar Cells Panel Kits

Residential Silicon Mono Solar Cells Panel Kits
Product Details


1. More efficient

The efficiency of Residential Silicon Mono Solar Cells Panel Kits is as high as 23.5%, while the efficiency of most other similar products on the market is about 22% or lower.

2. Easy to install

*The holes in the panel are pre-drilled for quick installation and fixing, making it ideal for non-permanent installations.

* Can be fixed with adhesive, buttonhole (it can be easily installed or removed with the panel)

*Install without the need for expensive structural roof reinforcement about this Residential Silicon Mono Solar Cells Panel Kits.

3. Broad compatibility

Boats / Sailing, Yachts, Marine Applications, RVs / RVs, Expedition Vehicles, Commercial Trucks / Trailers, Caravans / Ejecting Off-grid and Telecommunications Sites, etc.


* Can be bent to a maximum of 30 degrees radians


Junction box seal waterproof


Bypass diodes minimize performance degradation due to partial occlusion and prevent nighttime battery discharge


This Residential Silicon Mono Solar Cells Panel Kits is suitable for use in RVs, boats, cabins, tents, yachts or any other irregular surface, as well as suitable for small spaces or crowded areas, usually not limited by traditional glass and aluminum models.

Production Details


Anti-reflective coating to increase the module efficiency up to 2%

Light transmittance improvement above 3%

Self-cleaning function


High power efficiency

Stable performance under weak light conditions

PID free treatment upon request


Light transmittance more than 92%

Snail trail prevention treatment

UV resistance against ageing


Low moisture permeability against snail trail defect

Excellent electric insulation for high system voltage up to 1500V

Outstanding weatherproof performance


Strong mechanical load resistance up to 5400 Pa

Anodic oxidation layer resistant to chemical corrosion

Silver and black color optional


IP 67 protection grade

High quality diodes for electric safety

1500V system voltage available