Best Batteries For Off Grid Solar System

Best Batteries For Off Grid Solar System
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Product Description:

The off-grid solar system uses solar panels to convert solar energy into electrical energy in the presence of light, and supplies power to the load through the solar charge and discharge controller while charging the battery. However, in the case of cloudy weather or no light, this kind of best batteries for off grid solar system is their solid backing. It directly supply power to the independent inverter, and inverter into AC power through independent inverter to supply AC load.


  • Safe and reliable, no noise, no pollution

  • No fuel consumption and erection of transmission lines

  • High corrosion resistance and charge acceptance

  • Small internal impedance and excellent performance when high current discharge;

  • Multiple sealing technologies to ensure no leakage, no acid mist release

  • Fully charged before leaving the factory and before shipping

Product Details:


best batteries for off grid solar system

Power12V,200AH (Reference)
Work Capacity Temperature-20℃ ~+85℃
Cycle Use
  • 300 cycles at 100% DOD

  • 500 cycles at 50% DOD

  • 1000 cycles at 30% DOD

Guarantee1 year
Working Life7 years


  • Small power supplies such as lighting, televisions, tape recorders, etc.

  • Traffic areas such as navigation lights, traffic lights, traffic warning lights, high altitude obstacle lights, etc.

  • Communication fields such as broadcasting power supply systems, telephone photovoltaic systems, small communication machines, etc.

  • Petroleum, marine, meteorological fields such as oil pipeline protection, emergency power supply, marine detection equipment, hydrological observation equipment, etc.

  • Other fileds