Hybrid Power Generation Using Solar And Wind

Hybrid Power Generation Using Solar And Wind
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Product Details

Product Description:

This hybrid power generation using solar and wind simplifies the structure of traditional generators and uses modern control technology to achieve maximum capture of solar and wind energy. At the same time, the solar inverter adopts the extreme value adjustment method to realize its optimal power transmission, and adopts the intelligent energy management system to realize the optimal combination of wind power generation and solar power generation. 

In addition, through the unified AC power quality adjustment device, the energy index of the hybrid power generation system is globally optimized to provide users with stable clean energy.


  • Hybrid Power Generation Using Solar And Wind simplifies the structure of the entire system. It is not only easy to handle and install, but also easy to maintain.

  • Use pollution-free solar panels and dry batteries to reduce environmental pollution.

  • Using modern control technology for single-machine control to improve operational efficiency.

  • Optimize management of the system with energy management system to achieve optimal matching of wind energy and solar energy, and improve the dynamic performance of the system.

  • Power electronic converter technology and modern control technology to achieve constant power frequency under variable wind speed conditions.

  • Apply computer monitoring system to ensure this product safe and stable operation.

Product Details:

Product nameHybrid Power Generation Using Solar And Wind
Model NumberWS-H100K



Output Voltage110V/220V 

Maximum Power Voltage


Maximum Power Current


Open Circuit Voltage


Short Circuit Current


Cell size


Module size


Module Efficiency


Solar panel weight19.5