Off Grid Hybrid Solar Wind Power System

Off Grid Hybrid Solar Wind Power System
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Product Description:

Traditional wind power and solar energy have their own shortcomings in resource utilization. In some areas, the sunshine time may be short, and the wind power or solar power supply is insufficient to meet the power supply needs. But the complementarity between wind and solar energy is strong, there may be sun when there is no wind, and there may be no sun when there is wind. This off grid hybrid solar wind power system makes use of this principle to make up for the shortcomings of wind power and solar power systems. It uses the solar panels , the wind generator stores the generated electric energy into the battery pack. When the user needs to use electricity, the inverter converts the DC stored in the battery pack into AC, and sends it to the user load through the transmission line. And the surplus electricity is sent to the external grid.

This off grid hybrid solar wind power system is a reasonable independent power system and is the perfect combination of comprehensive development and utilization of new energy.


  1. Complementary day and night: solar power at noon, wind power generation at night;

  2. Complementary seasons: strong solar power in summer and strong wind power in winter;

  3. High stability: using the natural complementarity of natural resources, greatly improving system power supply stability

  4. High-efficiency silicon battery guarantee steady and persistent output power.

  5. Strict quality test conform to international standard.

  6. Transparent toughened glass and anticorrosive EVA protect the battery panels effectively.

  7. Over discharge protection , over charge protection, over load protection, etc.

Product Parameters




Working Life

Solar Panel

Pmax: 250W

Vmp: 31.02V

Imp: 8.06A

Voc 36.99V

Isc: 8.26A

Cell Efficiency: 17.13%

Module Efficiency: 15.40%

Weight: 19.5KG
Dimension: 1640×992×40mm

10 years

25 years


Power: 1000W (Reference)

Dimension: 440*286*43.5MM

Weight: 5KG

Communication: CH235 

Max.DC Voltage(V): 40-57
Input Voltage: 48VDC,

Temperature Range: -20℃ to +40℃
Efficiency: 90%
Output Voltage: 220±3%,50HZ/60HZ

3 year

25 years


Power :48V,30A (Reference)

Voltage range(v):58-75VDC

Efficiency: 93%


Dimension: 440*170*500MM

Weight: 9.8KG

3 year

25 years

Mounting System

Installation site: Flat Roof

Tilt Angle: 5-60 °

Wind Load: 60m/s

Snow Load: 1.6KN/M2

Material: Steel Q235B (HDG) 

3 year

25 years


Power: 12V,200AH (Reference)

Dimension: 410*177*365mm


Work Capacity Temperature: -20℃ ~+85℃

1 year

7 years

Combine Box

Weight: 40kg
Dimension: 1200* 800*600mm (Reference)

1 year

25 years