Renewable Energy Hybrid Wind Solar Generator

Renewable Energy Hybrid Wind Solar Generator
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Product name: Renewable Energy Hybrid Wind Solar Generator

Specification:Normal Solar panel weight:19.5

Application:Industrial Open Circuit Voltage (Voc):30.7V

Output Voltage (V):110V/220V Short Circuit Current (Isc):8.47A

Load Power (W):Depend Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp):37.8V

Solar Power (W):100KW Maximum Power Current (Imp):8.93A

Work Time (h):24 Hours Module Efficiency:15.60%

NOCT:45°C +/-2°C  Class/Level:A


The Renewable Energy Hybrid Wind Solar Generator generates electricity, and the electricity is charged into the battery pack through the charging controller, and then the inverter supplies the system with AC power. When the battery pack has no power, the inverter will switch to the grid and continue to power the load, while the inverter will charge to the battery to keep the battery intact. Renewable Energy Hybrid Wind Solar Generator is good for environment.


1. Start wind speed is low

The low wind speed series of small wind turbines for the home produce more than 60% of the effective power per year for the same rotor diameter wind turbine.

2. High efficiency generator

Three-phase permanent magnet synchronous wind turbine, more than 10% of GB efficiency, starting resistance, only 1/3 of the national standard limit, motor insulation grade is Class H insulation.

3. Innovative noise reduction technology

The start-up and power generation is 2.5 m/s, the noise is only 45 decibels, and the speed is 13 m/s.

4. Perfect wind wheel system

The wind turbine impeller is made of low-temperature resistant, aged high-strength composite material that can cope with a variety of complex wind conditions and effectively and sustainably convert wind energy into electrical energy.

5. Unique rudder design

Wind turbine rudders can respond flexibly to wind speed and direction, increasing power generation efficiency.